For Love’s Sake

     Writers - Andrew Walkington, Richard Brimblecombe

      Director - Andrew Walkington


In Development

Here are just a few of the feature film and television projects from the True Films slate.

Her Majesty’s Pleasure

      Writers - Andrew Walkington, Richard Brimblecombe

A heart felt drama balanced with lighter moments of joy, set in the early eighties and based upon a true story about a family split apart by tragedy and reunited through faith in Christ.  James and Paul Walker’s dad is killed in a road traffic accident days before Christmas 1978 and it sends their mother into a spiral of depression.  

Within weeks of her husband’s death Mary is admitted to a mental hospital and her two boys are taken into custodial care.  The family’s faith is reduced to a smouldering flax as they abandon church and give up any hope of ever being reunited.

London 1593. It is a dark time of espionage, deception and double-dealing.  Plots against Elizabeth I are ceaseless. The only real protection comes from the ever growing English Secret Service.

Secret Agent Christopher “Kit” Marlowe is charismatic, charming, educated and eloquent. He is also a brawler, a rakehell, a magician and a heretic. His hot-headed temperament and outspoken views are a cause for embarrassment. Something must be done in an attempt to keep him in line. He is “Her Majesty’s Pleasure” and she will not allow him to come to any harm. So the answer is to fake his death, give him a new identity and send him on a secret mission abroad, to foil an assassination plot against the Queen.

Dr. Faustus

      Writer - Christopher Marlowe

      Director - Andrew Walkington

Discontent with his achievements and dismissive of the church as foolishness, Dr. Faustus pursues his lust for ultimate knowledge and glory through devilry.  Assuming his soul is something he owns and is able to sell Faustus makes a pact with Mephistopheles for 24 years of power.

Dr. Faustus’ large gothic house is an echo of his soul.   It is the quintessential haunted house full of shadows cut through with dusty shafts of light.  The house is alive.  Its walls breathe and if cut they would bleed.  From here Faustus journeys across Europe mocking the Church and authorities.  However nothing he encounters is real and the places he visits are a mere extension of his imagination. The narrative switches from horror to comedy before Faustus meets his tragic brutal end.

The Additionals

      Executive Producer - Andrew Walkington

      Head Writer - Richard Brimblecombe

      Directors - Andrew Walkington, Todd Carty

Welcome to Sir Underhill High School For The Gifted & Wayward.  When the school system fails children, when they’ve been excluded from every other educational establishment, when they don’t blend and fit in with the norm and when they clearly need additional attention they are sent to the School for the Gifted and Wayward.

Sir Underhill High is full of quirky, outrageous and loveable pupils and teachers.  It contains the quirkiest, brightest and most impossible people in the whole of the British education system.  Weird new life forms and time machines are created in the science lab.  Portals to other dimensions are opened in the library. Expect bank heists, declarations of independence, treasure hunts, ghosts, scientific experiments and sports days.