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“For Love’s Sake”

A heart felt drama balanced with lighter moments of joy.  Set in the early eighties and based upon a true story about a family split apart by tragedy and reunited through faith in Christ. James and Paul Walker’s dad is killed in a road traffic accident days before Christmas 1978 and it sends their mother into a spiral of depression.  Within weeks of her husband’s death Mary is admitted to a mental hospital and her two boys are taken into custodial care.  The family’s faith in Christ is reduced to a smouldering wick as they abandon church and give up any hope of ever being reunited.

The two boys are split apart from their mother and moved between several children’s homes before being fostered by atheist relatives and put up for adoption.  In an amazing display of bravery, their mother struggles with her mental condition and finds her faith once more.  The boys submit to the Lord and together the family fights against the social services in a court case to win back the right to live as a family again.  By the grace of God, they succeed and days before Christmas 1982 their family is reunited.

Following Mary’s admittance to mental hospital her sons, James and Paul, are placed in a National Children’s Home. Whilst they are resident, another child is murdered and James who has made a profession of faith fears death and misses his father.  Paul walks a different path as he finds social acceptance through bad behaviour and petty crime.  Mary is concerned that social services will move her sons further away due to the high cost of church supported children’s homes.  Therefore, whilst still in the pit of mental illness, Mary sees no choice but to request her children be allowed home.  The family struggles to re-generate their faith and for a brief period they attend a local church, however this new behaviour soon wanes. Paul starts to steal from his mum and gets involved with a local gang.  James quickly loses hope.  Life for the family proves hard and after a few difficult months at home, Mary has a massive and complete breakdown.  The social services intervene and permanently remove the children. The boys spend a year being fostered by atheist relatives who challenge the beliefs of the children.  Paul becomes increasingly violent, James almost abandons his faith as he can see no hope at all and when the relatives can no longer cope with the behaviour of the boys they are sent away.   James and Paul are sent to an assessment centre where social services finally decide to put the boys up for adoption.  However James in his despair finds the hope he was looking for in Christ, Paul learns to care for his emotionally weaker brother and learns from James’ renewed faith.  Mary, who was kept in the dark about the unfolding situation with her children, visits a psychiatrist who helps her on the road to better mental health and a rediscovery of the love of God.  The psychiatrist introduces Mary to a solicitor who supports the family’s case for winning back the right to live together.  And together, through faith, the family realise the importance of reliance upon Christ. They fight social services and win; they succeed in their weakness.

Evangelical Christian Feature Film

True Films, based in Crewe, Cheshire, is producing a British fictional feature film drama with core Christian values in 2012.  It is our vision to entertain Christians and also to edify and challenge.

Although not necessarily evangelistic it will have value as a pre-evangelism tool, perhaps as a gift to be given to a friend who is seeking and in need.  It may also prove beneficial in stimulating debate in informal Christian settings where believers can watch the film together and discuss its themes.

We believe this may offer Christians a new perspective on home entertainment.  To consider the current efficacy of Christian films take a look at any believer’s DVD collection and count the secular films compared with Christian films on their shelf.  In many cases Christians have never seen a film with Christ centred values and if they have they often express significant disappointment with the production values and presentation.

Furthermore, True Films hopes that the process of creating a quality Christian film may encourage other Christian film-makers to focus upon making God centred product in the UK.  It is our hope that this film will provide valuable training and experience for those believers interested in all areas film production.

Our team have extensive experience of generating quality community feature films.  It is our plan to create a Christian film within the Christian community, with the support of believers working alongside professionals.

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